Specializing in onsite service
gearbox overhaul & repair

Specializing in Onsite Service
Efficient Project Management
Safety Focused​
Gearbox Overhaul & Repair
Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties offers specialty maintenance services to the Ski Lift and Aerial Tramway Industry.  With many years of experience in multiple aspects we have an in depth understanding of the uniqueness of the Ski and Tourism Industry.  From tight scheduling of short maintenance seasons to emergency repairs minimizing downtime and keeping everything as efficient as possible, Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties will suit your needs. 

Specialty Ski Lift Services


Specializing in onsite gearbox overhaul and repair Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties can help you handle your major preventative maintenance services minimizing downtime, and helping avoid costly failures. Major preventative maintenance planning of gearbox overhauls are recommended at 20-25,000hrs.


Whether it’s wear found during routine maintenance and inspections, or a component failure Lone Wolf can help you get up and running again. Fast and efficient with no substitutions for quality and customer satisfaction.


Regular inspections of gearboxes are one of the most important and largely overlooked part of a preventative maintenance plan. With onsite inspection services Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties can help you perform, analyze, or investigate potential concerns.


In addition to major preventative maintenance and repairs Lone Wolf Specialties can also help with oil analyses, vibration analyses, alignments, and other maintenance needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Bullwheel Bearing & Liner Replacement

At Lone Wolf Specialties we can also help take care of your bullwheel bearing and liner replacement needs! With many years of experience rigging haul ropes and bullwheels over a variety of ski lifts and aerial tramways Lone Wolf Specialties has the know-how and equipment to service your bullwheel bearing replacement needs. Safety is always the most important focus!


Let Lone Wolf Specialties take care of the intricate logistics of your major maintenance project needs. With a trusted network of industry professionals, we can help or guide you with any question or issue you have. Contact Lone Wolf Services today to see if we fit your needs!


Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties

Lone Wolf Gearbox Specialties continues to be specifically committed to supporting the Ski Lift / Aerial Tramway Tourism Industry. With specialty maintenance services focused on ski lifts and aerial tramways becoming more and more difficult to find, we strive
to fill the void and satisfy the customer’s needs. Hard work and quality craftmanship
second to none are the driving factors of success and customer satisfaction for Lone Wolf Specialties. We are your
onsite gearbox overhaul specialists! We also provide services of rigging and bullwheel bearing replacements etc.

Starting with a passion for skiing at 3 years old growing to a bachelor’s degree from Northern Michigan University & Gogebic Community College in Ski Area Business Management. 

Working in many aspects of the Ski Industry, before settling into a Lift Maintenance career provides a thorough understanding of the ski/tourism industry and the unique challenges we all face and conquer every year, season, month, and day.

With specialty manufacturer training, onsite education, and years of experience working on a multitude of projects across the world, Lone Wolf Services has a wealth of knowledge and experience with a trusted network of industry professionals.

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